Useful Directories

After pulling and building VPP there are a few directories worth looking at. src/vpp/conf

This directory contains default configuration files.

# ls
80-vpp.conf  startup.conf

User Tools

This directory is provided with DPDK. The two import scripts are and


# ls ./build-root/build-vpp_debug-native/dpdk/dpdk-17.02/usertools/



  • This directory contains the vpp executables.
  • The most useful files are vpp and vppctl.
  • These files are copied to/usr/bin after FDIO is installed.
  • You can use the binary file “vpp” located in this directory with gdb to help debug FDIO.
root@tf-ucs-3# ls ./build-root/install-vpp_debug-native/vpp/bin
elftool  svmdbtool  svmtool  vpp  vppapigen  vpp_api_test  vppctl  vpp_get_metrics  vpp_json_test  vpp_restart


  • The script is provided with the Intel DPDK.
  • It is included with VPP.
  • After VPP is built, this script and other DPDK tools can be found in build-root/build-vpp_debug-native/dpdk/dpdk-17.02/usertools/.



This directory has some very useful examples using the FDIO traffic generator and general configuration.

# ls src/scripts/vnet/
arp4       dhcp   ip6          l2efpfilter_perf  l2flood   mcast            pcap     rightpeer  snat_det


This directory contains most of the important source code.

# ls src/vnet
adj          config.h  fib             interface.api       interface_output.c  lawful-intercept  misc.c      ppp


This directory contains the device drivers. For example, the vhost driver is in src/vnet/devices/virtio.

# ls src/vnet/devices/virtio/
dir.dox  vhost_user.api  vhost_user_api.c  vhost-user.c  vhost-user.h