To Do

This section describes pieces of these documents that need some work.

All Sections

All the sections need to be spell checked.

Checked for guidelines. VPP with Virtual Machines


Get a better topology picture.

Creating the Virtual Machine

The XML file refers to an iso image, come up with a procedure to build that image. That should work when used with a cloud image. It should also be mentioned where to get a cloud image.

It is mentioned that a queue size of 256 is not large enough. Come up wit a procedure to change the queue size.

How to Report an Issue

Move the reporting issues section to troublshooting

Writing VPP Documentation

Move the writing docs section out of getting started user guides.

Basic Configuration

Create a Basic configuration section and put startup.conf and huge pages in it.


The getting started users guide needs an overview

Command Line Reference

This section should be references to the doxygen links. The doxygen links will need to be cleaned up. This section could be a quick reference only using commands we have tested.

Progressive VPP Tutorial

This section needs work. It needs to be split up and tested.


Needs some instructions or be removed.

Downloading the jvpp jar

Not sure what value this provides.