The vpp-config utility provides the user with several different menus. This allows the user to configure ports, some performance characteristics, the number of huge pages and install/uninstall the released packages.

It is recommended that the menu options are executed in this order.

  1. 4) List/Install/Uninstall VPP
  2. 1) Show basic system information
  3. 2) Dry Run
  4. 3) Full Configuration

Once vpp-config is installed as a root user execute the following

$ sudo -H bash
# vpp-config

Welcome to the VPP system configuration utility

These are the files we will modify:

Before we change them, we'll create working copies in /usr/local/vpp/vpp-config/dryrun
Please inspect them carefully before applying the actual configuration (option 3)!

What would you like to do?

1) Show basic system information
2) Dry Run (Will save the configuration files in /usr/local/vpp/vpp-config/dryrun for inspection)
4) List/Install/Uninstall VPP.
q) Quit


Default Values

If you do not choose to modify the default for any of the questions prompted by vpp-config, you may press the ENTER key to select the default options:

  • Questions that ask [Y/n], the capital letter Y is the default answer.
  • Numbers have their default within brackets, such as in [1024], the 1024 is the default.